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Colin Whaley is an incoming internal medicine resident physician at the University of Toronto and is a final year medical student at McMaster University. He previously completed a Master of Science in Pharmacy at the University of Waterloo, evaluating the addition of a medication’s indication on prescriptions and medication labels.

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by Colin Whaley Daire Fitzpatrick

Viral response to alcohol guidelines highlights need for harm-reduction messaging

Highlighting the harm reduction aspects of the new alcohol intake guidelines could go a long way in helping consumers make better choices and help bridge the gap between patients and clinicians.

by Vanessa Duong Colin Whaley

Artificial Intelligence: Kinks to iron out but a boon for health care

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to change our lives. Now, with the release of the AI tool ChatGPT, it's knocking on the door of your doctor’s office and the hospital wards.

by Colin Whaley Brandon Tang

What’s on a label? This simple intervention could improve patient safety and save money

Adding reason for use to the labels of prescriptions could be an opportunity to support patient health literacy and to improve communication within the health-care team.

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