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CoVaRR-Net brings together some of Canada’s most eminent researchers and experts in a variety of disciplines linked to emerging variants. By connecting this country’s best variants of concern-related research labs, this network ensures a rapid and coordinated response to this complicated facet of the pandemic. Contributors to this piece include Ninan Abraham, Timothy Caulfield, Jen Gommerman, Jason Kindrachuk, Marc-André Langlois, Andrew Morris, Angela Rasmussen, Raphael Saginur and Fatima Tokhmafshan.

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by Concerned researchers and experts from CoVaRR-Net

Let evidence be our guide: Misinformation most insidious when it comes from health-care professionals

Misinformation comes in many forms, but perhaps it is most harmful when it is produced by a health-care professional and published in a respected national newspaper.

by A group of very concerned physicians, researchers and advocates Concerned researchers and experts from CoVaRR-Net

Ontario’s long-term care sector is in a grave humanitarian crisis

We are a group of physicians, researchers and advocates who have come together to express our grave concern for the safety and well-being of Ontarians who reside in long-term care (LTC) homes.

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