Graham Dickson


Graham Dickson (PhD) is a professor emeritus of leadership studies at Royal Roads University; a principal in LEADS Global; and the Research Advisor to the Canadian Health Leadership Network, a role that stimulates sharing of articles relative to the practices of modern health leadership in Canada and abroad.

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by Graham Dickson

How to deal with ‘wicked problems’

This month’s Top Three focuses on the "wicked problems" spurred on by the network of health and social issues created by the pandemic. Addressing these issues will require leadership focused on solutions through a systems-based lens.

by Graham Dickson

Rapidly changing environment calls for new approaches to leadership

This month’s Top Three focuses on the issue of senior and executive leadership and the use of strategic interventions effectively to meet the needs of patients, families and communities.

by Graham Dickson

Leaders must explore bureaucratic notions of health-care delivery in a turbulent environment

This month’s Top Three focuses on the public administration of health care as contained within the Canada Health Act and the role of leadership in critically examining our delivery models in light of current social demands.

by Graham Dickson

‘Transformation’ in health care depends on leaders’ people skills

The true challenge of transformation is the need for leaders to see it not as simply a cumulation of changes, reforms or innovations but as a process of collective people change, regardless of the role one plays in health care.

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