Irfan Dhalla


Irfan is a Staff Physician in the of Department of Medicine at St. Michael’s Hospital and Vice President, Physician Quality and Director, Care Experience Institute at Unity Health Toronto. Irfan also continues to practice general internal medicine at St. Michael’s Hospital.

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by Vanessa Milne Mike Tierney Irfan Dhalla

Should markups on high-cost drugs be capped?

by Vanessa Milne Christopher Doig Irfan Dhalla

Less science, more diversity: How Canadian medical school admissions are changing

by Vanessa Milne Irfan Dhalla Sachin Pendharkar

Canada’s dirty air: how pollution is hurting our health

by Wendy Glauser Irfan Dhalla

Birth doulas: The benefits and the tensions

by Wendy Glauser Irfan Dhalla Joshua Tepper

Can financial incentives help patients be healthier?

by Vanessa Milne Irfan Dhalla Verna Yiu

What Canada can learn from Sweden’s health registry system

by Vanessa Milne Irfan Dhalla Timothy Caulfield

How Norway’s innovative library made high-quality health information free for everyone

by Christopher Doig Irfan Dhalla Vanessa Milne

Changes ahead for international medical graduates hoping to practise in Canada

by Karen Born Gord Winkel Irfan Dhalla

Buyer beware – no quick fix for concussion symptoms

by Karen Born Irfan Dhalla Mary Ferguson-Paré

Evidence-based hospital nurse staffing: the challenges

by Jeremy Petch Christopher Doig Irfan Dhalla

Fewer hospital staff on weekends puts some patients at risk

by Ann Silversides Irfan Dhalla Verna Yiu

Access to expensive drugs: greater demand, improved transparency

by Ann Silversides Irfan Dhalla

“Chronic blindness” to health impact of alcohol policies

by Jeremy Petch Irfan Dhalla

Why doesn’t Ontario report complete data on wait times?

by Irfan Dhalla David Juurlink

Undoing the damage of OxyContin

by Jeremy Petch Irfan Dhalla

Can Canada pay less for generic drugs?

by Irfan Dhalla

The sky is not falling

by Irfan Dhalla

Shouldice Hospital sale should be rejected

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