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Jeff Nicholls has more than 20 years’ experience in communications, marketing and technology. He has worked with and for many of Canada’s top organizations, including Deloitte, Altus Group, YMCA GTA and BDO Canada. He currently works on select projects within the non-profit sector.

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by Jeff Nicholls Tracy Klompmaker

Fiscal management and Minden’s unprecedented Emergency Department closure

The closure of the Minden ED has become a rallying point for us to address broader issues affecting health-care systems. Minden’s experience must serve as a nationwide warning: review the financial management and board governance of your local health-care systems.

by Jeff Nicholls Mary Cook

We must overhaul how Ontario’s hospitals are governed. Our lives depend on it.

The Minden ED closure serves as a timely wake-up call on how our hospitals are governed. As citizens and stakeholders, it is our responsibility to demand better because our lives, and those of our fellow Canadians, depend on it.

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