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The phrase “think globally, act locally” proved too restrictive for Jennifer Wilson, a family physician in rural Uxbridge, Ont. She decided to think and act both locally and globally. She founded the Ghana Health Team in 2007, led it until 2019 and has recently been appointed as the Canadian consultant of Family and Emergency Medicine and Director of International Partnerships at the Leyaata Hospital in Ghana, West Africa. Still a resident of her hometown, Uxbridge – where she and her husband have raised their five children – Jennifer continues to practice medicine there, as both a family and an emergency department physician.


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by Jennifer Wilson

Re-imagining global health care, person by person, mission by mission

Author and physician Jennifer Wilson reflects on the decision to offer her medical services in Northern Ghana and the writing of her book, Grant Us Tomorrow.

by Jennifer Wilson

Book excerpt: ‘Oh God. What am I doing here?’

An excerpt from Jennifer Wilson's book, Grant Us Tomorrow.

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