Jill Konkin


Jill is a professor in the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Alberta.

10 Contributions
by Karen Palmer Jill Konkin Michael Nolan

House calls on the rise in Ontario

by Karen Palmer Christopher Doig Jill Konkin

Does more education for health professionals equal better patient care?

by Karen Palmer Sachin Pendharkar Jill Konkin

Is family medicine residency too short and too urban?

by Vanessa Milne Timothy Caulfield Jill Konkin

IgG tests promise to reveal food sensitivities. But are they science or science-ish?

by Karen Palmer Maureen Taylor Jill Konkin

Should fear of Zika virus keep Canadians from travelling this winter?

by Vanessa Milne Jill Konkin Alika Lafontaine

The new era of First Nations health research

by Samantha Relich Maureen Taylor Jill Konkin

Chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis on the rise: Is Tinder to blame?

by Vanessa Milne Christopher Doig Jill Konkin

Primary care quality improvement: Is data the future?

by Vanessa Milne Joshua Tepper Jill Konkin

Change Day comes to Canadian health care – but will it make a difference?

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