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Dr. John Oyston, MBBS FRCA FRCP(C), is a retired assistant professor at the University of Toronto and Chief of Anesthesiology at The Scarborough Hospital. He has been an advocate for tobacco control for many years. He has been funded by the University of Catania for research into the health effects of vaping. Serna paid him as a consultant on curriculum development related to vaping. The Canadian Vaping Association commissioned him to write a report to support its legal case against a ban on flavours in vaping products. PMI has paid him to deliver lectures on “Safer nicotine products for people who smoke” to medical audiences. He ran a smoking cessation program called “Quit by Vaping.”

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by John Oyston

Nicotine pouches: Salvation for smokers or temptation for teens?

Instead of being promoted as a smoking cessation tool, nicotine pouches been portrayed by some as an attempt by Big Tobacco to addict a new generation of youth to nicotine, obscuring its life-saving potential.

by John Oyston

Please, Health Canada, do not make vapers return to tobacco!

The federal government's planned ban on flavoured vapes is a terrible idea that could push many ex-smokers who vape back to smoking cigarettes, resulting in a large increase in disease, disability, and death.

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