Kathy Hardill


Kathy Hardill, MScN, RN(EC) is a Primary Care Nurse Practitioner who has been providing health care to people experiencing poverty, homelessness and other structural vulnerabilities for more than 30 years. She is a founding member of Health Providers Against Poverty and the Street Nurses’ Network in Ontario.

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by Vanessa Wright Kathy Hardill

NPs ‘deeply concerned about the future of our health-care system’

As nurse practitioners, we are deeply concerned about the current threats to Medicare. We call on NP's and organizations to demand investment in a strong publicly funded health-care system.

by Kathy Hardill

Are Health Links targeting the right patients?

by Kathy Hardill

The missing link in overdose prevention

by Kathy Hardill

What’s wrong with the pink ribbon?

by Kathy Hardill

The false dichotomy of fee cuts

by Kathy Hardill

“Just say no” to the war on drugs

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