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Laurence Klotz is  Professor of Surgery at the University of Toronto and the Sunnybrook Chair of Prostate Cancer Research. Dr. Klotz was the Founding Editor-in-Chief of both the Canadian Journal of Urology and the Canadian Urology Association Journal, and is now Editor Emeritus of the CUAJ. Dr. Klotz has received the Queen’s Jubilee Medal for outstanding public service,  the University of Toronto’s  Lister Prize, the SUO Medal, the AUA’s Richard Williams award, the University of Toronto’s Lifetime Achievement Award, the CUA Lifetime Achievement Award and the Harold Warwick Award from the Canadian Cancer Society for ‘outstanding contributions to cancer control’.  In 2015, he was inducted as a Member of the Order of Canada.

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by Laurence Klotz

Prostate-cancer screening: Guideline reflects lack of knowledgeable expert input

The last guideline on prostate-cancer screening was published in 2014. At the time, the task force approached the Canadian Urologic Association (CUA) and asked that it provide an expert panel of “stakeholders” to provide input....We found that the task force guideline utilized only data from a small number of randomized trials and ignored scores of other relevant studies. The analysis of the studies that were reviewed was superficial and the guideline was flawed.

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