Matthew Schurter


Matthew Schurter is a comprehensive family doctor in Sunderland, Ontario and a Family-Practice Anesthesiologist in Port Perry, Ontario. 

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by Alykhan Abdulla Matthew Schurter

The future of human care: Why family doctors are more relevant than ever

With so many new technologies and practices changing how health care is delivered, do we even need family doctors at all?

by Matthew Schurter Alykhan Abdulla

Dear consultant doctor: An open letter from a couple of family physicians

In family practice, we’re struggling. Many of us are burned out from trying to be all things to all patients and using bandages to solve frank hemorrhaging.

by Alykhan Abdulla Matthew Schurter

Dr. Pharmacist?

Pharmacists can prescribe medications for certain ailments in eight provinces with Ontario about to follow suit. But while pharmacists knowledge of medications is invaluable, are they diagnosticians?

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