Milena Forte


Milena Forte, MD, CCFP, FCFP, is a family physician and FMOB provider at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto. She is an Associate Professor and Family Medicine Maternity Care Lead at the Temerty Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto, and the chair of the College of Family Physicians’ Maternity and Newborn Care Member Interest Group.

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by Sanja Kostov Kanya Rajendra Milena Forte

Accessing pregnancy care in Canada: Family physicians as part of the solution

Government and policymakers have yet to make unified efforts to address the inequity in perinatal care across Canada.

by Milena Forte

Designing virtual and physical clinical spaces to build trust

The clinical spaces that surround us are not passive; they can enhance or hinder our effectiveness as health-care providers. Research has shown the built environment can affect a number of outcomes for patients as well as improve workplace safety and satisfaction for providers.

by Milena Forte Warren Rubenstein

Teaching and learning to trust: the essence of medicine

The practice of medicine is predicated on trust. Our patients trust that we will do what is in their best interest. But how should we trust those we are teaching to be doctors?

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