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Noor Al-Kaabi is an MSc student at the Institute of Medical Sciences at the University of Toronto and a show host and co-executive producer at Raw Talk Podcast.

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by Junayd Hussain Vaidhehi Veena Sanmugananthan Noor Al-Kaabi

Health-care behind bars: Equity and accountability in Canada’s correctional services

The Canada Health Act governs publicly funded health-care insurance and protects Canadians’ right of access to universal health care. However, contrary to popular belief, these rights do not apply to federal prisoners, nor are they covered by provincial plans.

by Junayd Hussain Noor Al-Kaabi

We need to do more: Advocating for refugee health after arrival in Canada

Canada is considered a “world destination” for refugees, but are we doing enough to support their unique health needs?

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