Riley Meade


Riley Meade is an aspiring paediatrician who is currently attending the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. Riley’s areas of interest include advocating for women’s and children’s rights and equality in healthcare.

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by Riley Meade

Unprecedented wait list for health care will have long-term toll on children

Ontario’s rapidly expanding wait list for children’s health care will have long-term consequences for health and increase costs to the health-care system.

by Riley Meade

Tackling racism in Canadian health care: University offers first master’s program in Black health

Black Canadians have poorer health outcomes and are less likely to obtain health-care services compared to other groups. Poverty, unemployment, racism and discrimination, increase the risk of illness and interfere with timely and unprejudiced treatment. A new University of Toronto program is working toward eliminating discrimination and its adverse effects on health care.

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