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Seema Marwaha is a general internal medicine physician, educator, researcher and journalist in Toronto.

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by Seema Marwaha

April 6: A growing sense of dread

I can see the numbers increasing in real time. I can see the age dropping and severity of illness increasing. I can’t shake this feeling of dread.

by Seema Marwaha Sabina Vohra-Miller

High-risk areas urgently need improved access to vaccines

If high-risk people in high-risk areas are eagerly waiting to be vaccinated and there are empty slots at vaccine sites across the province, what are we waiting for?

by Rishi Bansal Arnav Agarwal Seema Marwaha

Bearing witness to the lived experiences of the pandemic’s essential workers

Storytelling is a powerful act. The onset of the pandemic last March led to an outpouring of memories from the 2003 Toronto SARS epidemic, inspiring the launch of our own story telling series, Faces of COVID.

by Seema Marwaha

Keeping pace with a changing landscape

Healthy Debate first launched 10 years ago. Today we relaunch, redesigned and reimagined. But the changes go beyond cosmetics.

by Seema Marwaha

Barbara (Personal Support Worker)

by Bernard Ho


by Seema Marwaha

Trina – Molecular Diagnostics

by Seema Marwaha

Amit – MD

by Seema Marwaha

Daniel and Mariel – MLT

by Seema Marwaha

Sarah – MLT

by Seema Marwaha

Jessica – MLT

by Seema Marwaha

Catherine – Clinic Coordinator

by Seema Marwaha

Sam – janitor

by Seema Marwaha

John – RT

by Seema Marwaha

Taliesin – RN

by Seema Marwaha

Gerome – RN

by Sahil Gupta

Rachel – ER

by Seema Marwaha

Jonathan – MD

by Sidney Weiss Seema Marwaha Michael Nolan Joshua Tepper

Digital solutions to manage coronavirus are virtually inevitable

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