Sindu Sivayogam


Sindu Sivayogam is a visual artist from Canada. Sindu explores her identity as a Tamil woman through a feminist lens, creating visual interpretations of various issues including patriarchal systems and the militarized state. She recently contributed to The Globe and Mail’s Summer Canadian Comic Series (2021) and the comics anthology Bystander: Stories, Observations & Witnessings from South Asia, Kadak Collective (2020).

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by Fredrick Martyn

Telemedicine proves its value for trans and non-binary community

The pandemic has led to a rise in virtual care, which has increased access to primary care for the transgender and non-binary communities. But this trend highlights the relative lack of gender-affirming care available through traditional primary care.

by Anne Borden King

Our Surgeries, Ourselves

After surgery for breast cancer, some patients forgo breast reconstruction surgery, instead opting to stay flat-chested. But this choice is often discouraged. Some doctors outright ignore requests for it. Read on to learn why this happens – and how cancer survivors are pushing back.

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