Stephanie Ragganandan


Stephanie Ragganandan is an Honours Bachelor of Science graduate, Kinesiology & Health Science, York University. She is currently a Master of Science Candidate at McMaster University, in the Health Research Methodology program. Her research interests include child health, pediatric obesity, and pediatric diabetes.

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by Stephanie Ragganandan

The diabetes epidemic in South Asian communities will continue until we shift to prevention

In Canada, South Asian communities are at a higher risk of developing Type 2 diabetes compared to the general population. As a result, South Asian populations experience significant morbidity and mortality.

by Stephanie Ragganandan Karen Lawford

Challenging oppressive maternity health care in Canada

Improving health care must begin by recognizing the interconnected webs of colonization woven into all health-care systems in Canada. A good place to start would be at the beginning – with maternity care and birth.

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