Verna Yiu


Verna is the President and CEO at Alberta Health Services.

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by Wendy Glauser Verna Yiu Andrew Remfry

Are we training too many doctors, or too few? Why no one really knows

by Wendy Glauser Verna Yiu Jade Goliath

Health care system stigmatizes and discriminates against transgender people

by Verna Yiu Mike Tierney Jeremy Petch Arij Elmi

Improving appropriateness of antipsychotic use in long-term care

by Gord Winkel Verna Yiu Jeremy Petch Ryan O’Reilly

Safe surgery checklists: the Canadian experience

by Vanessa Milne Irfan Dhalla Verna Yiu

What Canada can learn from Sweden’s health registry system

by Vanessa Milne Andreas Laupacis Verna Yiu

Does non-celiac gluten sensitivity really exist?

by Karen Born Verna Yiu Terrence Sullivan

Provinces divided over mandatory vaccination for school children

by Karen Born Verna Yiu Mike Tierney

How far along are we in making hospitals more ‘senior friendly’?

by Sophia Ikura Verna Yiu Terrence Sullivan

Should HPV vaccination programs be expanded to boys?

by Karen Born Verna Yiu Joshua Tepper

Sheltering Canada’s homeless

by Nathan Stall Joshua Tepper Verna Yiu

Medical error disclosure: improving patient safety through better communication

by Karen Born Verna Yiu Terrence Sullivan

Accessing reconstructive surgery after breast cancer treatment

by Jeremy Petch Verna Yiu Joshua Tepper

New recommendations for Canadian doctors-in-training focus on fatigue

by Ann Silversides Irfan Dhalla Verna Yiu

Access to expensive drugs: greater demand, improved transparency

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