COVID-19 highlights the plight of the homeless

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  1. Maria Lombardi

    Thank you both for the light you have, so well, shed on a subject which many unfortunately avoid.

  2. Debbie

    I agree that moving forward Universal Income supplement, and housing projects is a way to Give all people a roof over their head and assist families while finding ways to creat new jobs in clean energy that will Replace jobs lost and help stop or slow down global warming.

  3. Mark Askins

    I so enjoyed your article. It underscores the necessity for a social and cultural paradigm shift in how we engage and fail to engage with our neighbors experiencing homelessness and the overwhelming stigma that society places upon them. So many individuals enter homelessness as a result of natural or person-made disasters from pandemics, hurricanes, fire, flood, and injustice. Following a natural disaster, there is an outpouring of support for those who have lost their housing, jobs, clothing, and sense of purpose and stability…yet six months after this unmitigated tragedy society as a whole sees these individuals who are on the street as unworthy and the dregs of society.

    Miracle Messages; mission is to offer those experiencing homelessness the opportunity to reconnect with friends and other loved ones with whom they have lost contact.

    In response to the pandemic, we launched Miracle Friends A virtual buddy system for those experiencing homelessness and isolation to be connected with others for phone calls several times a week to support one another, build relationships and understanding, and to shatter stigmas surrounding our unhoused brothers and sisters.

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