COVID-19 reaffirms that abortion is an essential service

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  1. Lois Nauta

    There is no justification for the deliberate killing of an unborn baby.

    • Brian Levy

      Well said Lois… it’s always so politically incorrect to ask that people hold themselves accountable.

    • Ron Mara

      It is so sad that even in 2020 we have pseudo-educated people who think it is appropriate to impose restrictions on a woman’s right to choose. I feel blessed to be a Canadian where the majority of my fellow country folks are progressive in their thoughts.
      In terms of support for anti-abortion not being politically correct, there are many things that are no longer politically correct – such as labeling women as “witches” and burning them live on stakes is not politically correct; expressing a desire to own slaves is not politically correct and the list goes on. I believe we have progressed as a society and should not let people with archaic views shape our society.
      To the authors of this article I would say : thank you for highlighting an important issue. How we behave during a pandemic or a national crisis defines who we are as a nation. This is a divisive issue and I hope we continue to protect access to abortion services as an essential component of reproductive healthcare.

      • Rene Marechal

        Ron, sadly you hit the nail on the head. “How we behave during a pandemic or a national crisis defines who we are as a nation.” I would insert the words Godless in front of the word nation. Canada has lost its moral compass. Abortion is nothing more than murder of an innocent child. We are working hard in Canada to saves lives during the Covid Pandemic but the hypocrisy of wearing masks to save lives while making abortion an essential service is so obvious. All lives matter.

  2. Brian Levy

    Perhaps personal responsibility is the essential service.

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