It’s up to health professionals to debunk misinformation

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  1. Najma Ahmed

    These are great tips and I agree, that physicians and scientists should confront mis-information when and where possible. It

  2. Daniel Martineau

    70% of « new » viral diseases, SARS, MERS, avisn and porcine influenza Ebola just to name a few, are from animals. Germany understood this. A large part of the succesful control of Covid in Germany is due to a veterinarian (Lothar Wieler), scientific advisor or Angela Merkel

  3. Coach TMAC

    Well Mr. Crocker,
    Can you explain to others reading your post just why mercury and aluminum and other toxins are included in most vaccines?
    Please, also include why the general public cannot hold the producers of these vaccines accountable for “Adverse“ side affects.
    Explain while your at it, why the flu shot is so ineffective year after year in every country across the world. Yet billions of dollars in research are spent on these vaccines annually.
    Last question, why don’t you try to explain the huge increase (Exponentially huge!!) in the autism “Outbreaks“ of children nearly immediately after they receive mandatory multiple preschool immunization vaccines.
    Both myself and my wife are
    teachers and are educated to recognized and identify individuals on the ASD. Our son is one of the unfortunate children to seemingly switch characteristics and personality on a dime.
    So, before you accuse people of spreading “disinformation”, look deeper and look it from a different circumstance.
    Have a good day.

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