Developmental disabilities, mental health issues often overlap

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  1. Anne Sprack

    As a nurse working in the mental health and addiction field with clients with and without developmental disabilities it is absolutely true that we do not have sufficient training for programs to be able to include clients with developmental disabilities into some of the our programs. However in saying that we have recently been able to pilot some work with teams to do cross training of staff and worked on ways that everyone can be informed of each others roles in the clients care. Clients are able to get the treatment they need in a much more timely fashion. Unfortunately due to the increase pressures to the system these types of training and collaborative work plans are much more difficult to organize. I am hoping that with some of the health links and care plan for clients initiatives that we will learn to work smarter together to help individuals and their families receive the care they need and deserve.

  2. Denyse Lynch - Seniors' Caregivers'Advocate

    If education, support for families is needed has engagement of these families for their perspective started or is it still JUST about talking about the problem. Where’s the leadership and initiative on this? Seems there is quantifiable evidence about the problem. Solutions begin by taking a first action step! It’s the same in what we provide to our seniors in the community and Long Term Care. I advocated for my father for 15 long, hard years with NO support or, change…but yes, murders and lots of talk about how much money was being spent….. our vulnerable citizens are not important. Listen to what our leaders say….watch what they do. The MOH and policy folks need to stand up and be counted.

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