Our hospitals and prisons are failing because we’re using them to house people instead of to help them

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  1. Mike Fraumeni

    Excellent read and I couldn’t agree more. The problem is systemic no question and needs much more than band-aid “solutions” as it seems currently is the situation. It’s not fair to those that are on waiting lists for prisons and hospitals that actually have a condition that is meant to be addressed by prisons and hospitals as to what their actual mission and purpose is in the first place.

  2. Beryl Ben-reuven

    So now what does one do. It’s been a problem for a long time. Is anyone listening. How can some action take place.


    Well said .
    Very true .
    History has an amazing accuracy of repeating itself if nothing changes.
    We must break the cycles.
    Addictions Nursing

  4. Emmanuel

    No argument about this article at all. The thing is healthcare is profitable. People make money of sick people. Sad. But the reality.

  5. Casey

    Something to add…

    Marginalized populations that get turned away from hospitals end up in lower-end hotels and short term rentals.

    Now with Toronto cracking down on these establishments, many will likely be sold to developers and/or repurposed.

    This will add to the homelessness on the streets.

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