Fentanyl is killing more and more people. And they don’t have to die.

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  1. Lisa Bennett

    And now the disabled are dying because doctors aren’t allowed or are afraid to give them the pain medication they need to have semi-normal or even bearable lives. It’s also becoming evident that the statistics furnished regarding overdose fatalities does not show the cause of the majority of these overdoses as being prescribing physicians, but illegally obtained drugs. It is not an exaggeration to say that an entire generation of disabled are being put in terrible jeopardy.

  2. Mark Kempthorne

    As a recovering opiate addict/ex-con/Air Force Veteran… I firmly believe prescription heroin treatment would,could and should be saving lives here in america already… It seems to me that greed, above anything else is the primary reason it isnt… People make money locking people up and treatment centers that the VA paid almost $25,000 a month to put me in that spent 3 months trying to train me to attend AA meetings puts more money out there and into someones pocket… With lobbyist and crooked poloticians, my friends and I will probably continue to doe before we’re able to get the help we need… “Just say no”, Ya sounds good to someone who never said “ok” in the first place

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