Urgent call on clinicians: Prescribe alternatives to poisoned drug supply

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  1. Giulia

    Absolutely agree and wish we had a national strategy to advocate the same call-out to all provinces for all Canadians!!

  2. Sam

    Yes! I am an ort md in Guelph. We need our colleges to get behind us on this not punish for providing safe opiates.

    • Andrea Sereda

      Hi Sam – I’d love to hear how you are providing Safe Supply.. feel free to reach out to me by DM on twitter.

      Andrea Sereda (one of the authors of the piece)

  3. JD

    It’s pathetic that I’ve done everything my doctor has asked me and methadone, suboxone, and Kadian haven’t worked for me because I have chronic pain and I need something I can take at home when I’m in pain. My doctor won’t send me to a pain specialist or prescribe anything useful to help me, he blames the college. I live in Vancouver and can’t find a single doctor to work with me on this. All I want is to be able to walk and be in less pain so I can work and live a normal life. Instead I spend my whole life worrying about finding the help I need. I have a surgery coming in a couple months where I won’t be able to walk, and what will I do then? I pray for a solution every day.

  4. Jerry

    I am currently living with cancer, cervical herniations, and lumbar herniations and bulges, very painful,primary dr,keeps dropping my mg’s on meds yes they are opiates, but still going to surgeries every 6 to 9 months, I do not and hopefully will not have to turn to other options. These drs are so scared to get in trouble its crazy, I can understand what a lot of people are going through. Laws should be changed and fast, , playing with people’s lives now.

  5. D.

    As a longterm opiate user strugging to stay alive/employed/solvent, and who has unexpectedly overdosed twice in the last 18 months, I am 100% in favour of this.

    • Pissed off

      I am one of the people affected by opioid abuse by people wanting to get high on my pain meds. Sorry this is negatively affecting thousands of people that actually needs opioids for horrible chronic pain.opiods were made for people that actually need them for pain. Now we are being abused and disrespected and cut off.

  6. Dan

    While keeping an oud person alive is an imperative How can one continue to improve the quality of that life …does it require that opioid use ends at some point?…how?…when?…is that where health resources are again insufficient?

  7. Terence Beck

    Its not the drug that harms me its the lifestyle I am forced to obtain the drug while maintaining employment as well as everyday normal functioning

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