We must protect the elderly as we move to virtual care

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  1. Karen henderson

    Thank you for an excellent article. I am a young, active healthy senior but strongly believe in face to face visits, annual physicals…old school stuff perhaps but beyond value to my peace of mind. Things get missed in this ‘new’ virtual medical world, let’s not kid ourselves.

    • Jean Sugarbroad-Keele

      Thank you Karen, glad you appreciated the essence of the article – and stay active and healthy in these difficult times! Jean

  2. Darren Larsen, CMO, OntarioMD

    Jean… what can I say except “absolutely!!”
    In this rapid move to virtual care brought on by the pandemic, we must never lose sight of the people we most need to assist. Seniors may not have an equitable position when it comes to care that is not in person. Nor might other patients who are disadvantaged by issues such as poverty (no cell phone or computer), rurality (no internet), vulnerable housing (no privacy), recent immigration (no English or French) and physical or mental disability (no service access). I wrote about this recently in our OntarioMD blog (https://ontariomd.blog/2020/08/14/virtual-care-is-here-to-stay-by-dr-darren-larsen-chief-medical-officer-ontariomd/)

    Thanks for writing this important piece.

    • Jean Sugarbroad-Keele

      Thank you Darren, glad we agree and your blog reinforces all that I have said. I’ll be following along with you and looking forward to the initiatives that start rolling out in the Province, as we pick our way through this virtual healthcare spiders web. I’m glad there are some loud voices for the elderly and vulnerable in society, as we race ahead with inevitable change.

  3. Rose Levinson

    What a beautifully written, clear essay. Jean Keele makes a compassionate plea for appropriate service delivery to elders during this tough time. When she writes, ‘….the landline becomes their lifeline’, she sums up so much in just one sentence. Thanks for this article.

    • Jean Sugarbroad-Keele

      Thank you for joining the conversation, Rose! And yes, that somewhat antiquated lifeline will hopefully remain available and not be relinquished by telecommunication companies in their desire for greater profits via new technology.

  4. Gillian Pearlstone

    A brilliant article highlighting obstacles to the well being of some of our elderly caught in a dilemma of a pandemic and all that entails as well as a world that has changed through technology leaving behind those seniors most In need of it. Thank you for your insights and sharing them.

    • Jean Sugarbroad

      Gillian: Thanks for your comments and joining the conversation! Jean

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