Would you get a COVID-19 vaccine?

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  1. Dana Haas

    Whatever we think of people who question vaccines, using the term “anti-vaxxer” is a derogatory and offensive label. It is often accompanied by an attitude of disgust and disrespect. Whether we believe that they have come to wrong conclusions, the fact remains that we still live in a democracy where one of the foundations of health care is informed consent and freedom to choose (what is injected into our bodies). It will be a sad day when these freedoms are taken away from us. Our job is to educate and reassure, based on evidence, in a respectful way.

  2. pepgra healthcare

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  3. Barb

    We still have autonomy in this country? I personally will not take a COVID vaccine which has been rushed through testing phases and even Dr. Fauci claims will not be as effective as we hope due to the mutability of this virus (see FluVaccine effectiveness). I have reviewed the information and ingredient labels that come with vaccines. These ingredient lists are miles long in tiny print and contain much valuable information including the fact that there is a risk of death when taking e.g. the flu shot (please DO NOT trust me, just ask your doctor to give you the ingredient list and flyer that is bunched up in the vaccine box and see for yourself). These vaccines are loaded with harmful metals and chemicals which are supposed to act as the “solvent”. Research shows that rare metals accumulate and do not leave your body – some even question links to conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s. I would like any doctor on this forum to please (1) write a blog with the screenshot of any vaccine ingredient list and go through this list one by one and explain to us how they believe it is not harmful to us and any side effects of injecting said ingredient into the body. I have never seen anyone actually present the full list of vaccine additives and their logical and scientific reasoning for including them and I would welcome such a presentation. (2) Secondly, I would like any medical professional on here to please explain what the “National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program” is and why the government had to take over this program in the 1980s (hint: because the vaccine companies were becoming overwhelmed with lawsuits)? can you please tell us how many claims are made each year and what the payout is? can you provide me with 5 cases of claimants with life altering reactions and your explanation as to why you believe this did or did not have anything to do with vaccines?

    The last question is – do we still have autonomy? are we pro choice as a country (or is it just for some choices)?
    Does your vaccine work? If it does, why do you care if someone else is not vaccinated?

  4. A. Reader

    My decisions about covid testing, a future vaccine for it, and the contact tracing app are “no”. They have nothing to do with the “perceived safety” of the shot, as the article posits. Nor is it ethically responsible for medical practitioner/author to pejoratively dismiss these views as primarily coming from the anti-vaxxer movement. I’m the opposite of an anti-vaxxer; I got all of the childhood diseases in the 60s and 70s, made darned sure my son got all of his shots in the early 90s, and I still had to fight his schools to prove it year after year because the school board and their partner, Toronto Public Health, both refused to keep accurate records. (They did manage to send me the threatening letters year after year, the repeated messag5 of which was; prove to us with doctors’ appointments and their signed documentation as to the shots or your son will be kicked out of school.) As to covid now, I won’t participate in a process designed by government-paid “professionals” (including doctors, nurses, technicians and administrators) that demeans patients, invades them, and still refuses to show us or our evidence any respect.

    So it is NOT a shot that I object to; it IS the embedded processes designed by the provider-centric healthcare system that’s the problem, including the questionnaires, exclusionary criteria and financial gatekeeping, etc. Healthcare provider-authors here might take some responsibility for the systems they enforce, but which treat the public as stupid or stubborn cattle insufficiently docile to the “benevolence” of this breed of industrial farmers.

  5. Ayla

    What I have found particularly interesting is that all the focus is on vaccine development and mask wearing. Nothing is being discussed or suggested on how to build up the immune system. Our bodies are capable of fighting and beating Covid, yet the media talks about it like it’s an automatic death sentence and it’s not. This alone creates doubt and distrust. It’s not the ‘antivaxxers’ as the media likes to blame, but rather the lack of acknowledgement that there are other things we can do to build up effective immunity. There will always be problems with every treatment (natural or pharmaceutical) yet the media only focuses on the problems with the natural. This is why I don’t trust what I hear and read. The constant doom and gloom reporting feels manipulative and is honestly backfiring.

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