I had COVID a few weeks ago. Am I immune now?

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  1. Leaf Expert

    Great and interesting info, especially now and very actual!
    The PCR test used is notorious for false negatives. People that are sick may not express enough viruses where they are swabbed to register a positive. That’s why they are swabbed in multiple places. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to swab the lungs, where it really matters. After a couple of false negatives, you are “recovered” and sent home.

    Also, there are reports that people that are still recovering, but are improved, are getting kicked out of the hospital in China to make space for sicker patients. Some of these “recovered” patients relapse and get worse again.

  2. Common Sense

    PCR testing was never designed to detect and diagnose viruses. PCR inventor Dr. Mullis said so himself recently when the COVID outbreak began. The fact is that we do not know what COVID really is. Coronaviruses have the largest genomes of all viruses, this is a fact. COVID is something that has not been really sequenced and different labs have come up with different strains. We know it causes cold-like symptoms that may progress to serious illness in some people with certain co-morbidities. Fun fact is that Influenza can progress to ARDS in some people as well, but it wasn’t ever really hyped as much as this. What PCR does is it takes some “genetic fragments” of stuff swabbed out of your nose and amplifies it many times over cycles (they say anything greater than 35 cycles is overkill) to then see what matching “sequences” can be found. However, as I mentioned we don’t really have a COVID genome sequence with enough confidence to say “hey this is COVID”. So let’s say there is a virus and it has the following genome or identifiers AABBCCDDEEFFGHABBCC only COVID would be tens of thousands of times longer. And now let’s say there is a family of these viruses and they have very similar identifiers AABBCCDDEEGHABBCC (note this one is missing the FF) and there may be several similar but slightly different identifiers in these families. Now we want to see if you have our special unique identifier. We swab you, however we very likely will never get enough genetic material in enough quantity to have the full name, we might run PCR and just get FGHA or GHAB and we multiply that and then we magically decide that you have enough of a snippet to classify you as COVID+. The thing is, the more amplifications you run the higher the chances of getting more snippets show up; so if I amplify something 10 times vs 40 times, in the 40 times I may just get enough fragments to show something. So this is where the danger of false positives comes in. If you have a sister coronavirus (ie. common flu) and I get a small sample of genome from your nose but I then put this genome in the laundry and amplify / spin it 40 x, things are going to show up that may be snippets of sister viruses but they will show up in higher frequency than someone who I only spin 10x, and I may say you have COVID. This PCR is never really a 100% accurate test like say a blood test for HIV, it just says “you have some genetic material which shows up in some coronavirus sequences and maybe even in this new coronavirus, but we spun in 40x, grew it, some stuff showed up and we will call you COVID+”. One of the problems in ONtario is that we use this very very sensitive test that runs the amplification > 35x (which is not recommended by several scientists). So the risk here is you are falsely labeled as COVID when you really have a common cold. This likely explains why 97% of people have mild cold-like symptoms in the first place. Now if it was 4 years ago and you got some sniffles / cough, would you run to your MD and beg for a test to label you, when you know that this will pass in a week or so? Were we not discouraging people from coming in with flu symptoms 2 years ago, because we cannot do anything for a virus except stay home, stay hydrated, rest etc. If you are not short of breath and dying why are you running to get tested and creating a mass hysteria? Why not stay home and treat yourself like a normal flu? Think of all the damage of the shut downs – the skyrocketing suicides (I work in a unit that has seen a drastic rise), the economic collapse that is starting and will likely result in years of financial trouble for many people, the people we lost who had delayed cancer treatments and surgeries. The people we lost who were too afraid to come to emergency and allowed their issues to worsen. Please read this and consider the facts: https://gbdeclaration.org/ Over 33,000 medical workers are asking these questions.

    • Walter

      I lost taste and smell very quickly. Weird as it never happened with flu infections for me. Given the immediate and severe fatigue along with demonic headaches and “electric skin” pain – and that my father-in-law (who infected me) died so quickly, I knew I was infected with Covid19. Few people will have such confirmation. All you say is true and we were confused by my wife’s initial negative result. But we knew this was highly unlikely to be true! But the issue here may also be “long Covid”. Although we are near “normal” now, my wife still has rarer “fatigue bomb” incidents and I have upper respiratory aches and pains. If early treatment could reduce the incidence of such fate effects then we may avoid a time-bomb in waiting a few years down the line?

  3. Walter

    I and my wife were quite seriously ill and it lasted over 3 weeks and we only just avoided hospitalisation. The “long Covid” symptoms were awful and I still have some upper respiratory chest pains. Overall though we are near normal (and my wife had developed pneumonia). Blood tests show that 6 months later she still has a large number of antibodies – and I have twice as many! I think it may be due to the viral load that someone may receive in the first place. My wife’s father became infected and died within 6 days of developing symptoms. In taking care of him he accidentally dislodged my mask and coughed right in my face! I tested positive two days later, my wife the day after and so the Hellish experience began. Given that I am a scientist and my wife a doctor, we do not assume we are immune, but our se secondary immune defences MUST have been triggered. We still wear masks, wash hands, use alcohol hydrogel and keep safe distances from others. But I have little doubt we are immune to the current Covid variant, at least for the near future.
    So my conclusion? If you have a strong reaction to the virus, your secondary immune system WILL be activated. Thus however will depend on viral load, age and other factors already discussed. So let’s not make assumptions. An effective vaccine is the only way out of this nightmare. Do not get infected. It has been the worst experience I and my wife have ever had. It really can kill you and quite quickly. We are in the vulnerable age group. Her father was 98 years old.

  4. Walter

    Perhaps a rather obvious observation?
    Economies can recover and life can normalise. But people don’t come back to life!

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