How long will an EpiPen work after its expiry date?

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  1. Robert Payne

    That is a most interesting article. I have often wondered about that myself. I have been involved in the medical field whereas my involvement is directed at establishing access to affordable health care and controlling cost. This one single issue could save an emense amount of money and lower health care costs by a significant margin. Well with further study.

    • Sue Sweet

      Robert, Thank YOU for your information and absolute frankness or honesty. I have been a practicing registered nurse for over 40 years in this Country. BIG PHARMA and AFFORDABLE HEALTH INSURANCE programs have had a tight grip everyone’s personal income for decades. Diabetics are forced to purchase their own injectable insulin, syringes, blood sugar testing strips, insulin pumps for years. They have never had coverage for any of their daily life sustaining supplies. I now am under Medicare Rules. Even with Drug Insurance Coverage the policy will not reimburse you for INJECTABLE EPINEPHRINE. Sincerely, Sue Sweet BSN MACEP

  2. Ruth Baker

    I find your comments regarding the epipen expiry life closure to what I had been told in the past,
    but this morning I went into a local pharmacy to hand my expired epipens in for them to dispose of
    and I was told they could be used if needed for at least 5 years after the expiry date. Is this correct?

    • M Faulson

      I recently had to use an EpiPen that had a 4 year old X date after being stung by a hornet. It WORKED Fine!!!

      • Sue Sweet

        M Faulson, Thank YOU for your honesty and input. BIG PHARMA and AFFORDABLE HEALTH in this country have a tight grip on American’s personal finances. I practiced nursing for over 40 years in this USA. With PREexisting conditions like DIABETES working and insured Americans are forced to pay for injectable insulin, syringes and blood slugar testing strips out of their own pocket. I am now a MEDICARE health consumer. Even with paying my own pharmacy insurance. this insurance will not pay for Injectable Epinephrine !! or even give YOU any discounts !! Sue Sweet REGISTERED NURSE, BSN

    • Sue Sweet

      Ruth Baker, Thank you for this information. The pharmaceutical companies in this country have a tight grip on everyone’s finances and affordibility !! I am a registered nurse and have been for over 40 years. The health insurance companies and BIG PHARMA have taken advantage of Americans for decades. I am under MEDICARE rules and regulations. Guess what ?? MEDICARE HAS CLAMPED DOWN ON MANY preexisting conditions. Diabetics still have to pay for INJECTABLE INSULIN, blood sugar strips and needles to inject this daily .

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