How can excess body fat cause cancer?

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  1. Jeanne

    There is an answer. I thought I lacked self will. Getting too old (mid 50’s), “learn to accept & love your body”, etc. I’m a nurse, active family life, running, skiing, water-sports…healthy kids: 2 out of 3 played highest levels of soccer & hockey (Jr A). Minimum junk food in our home. Get the picture. Yet, both hubby & I were overweight on the verge of obese. Then I discovered “Keto”. A lifestyle change: in about a year, I lost 40 pds & 68 pds for him…& it amazing where it came off…i have my high school body back…well, almostNo hunger/no cravings…feel amazing (my arthritis is minimal-no longer need pain meds & my back feels so much better…walking straighter…people are amazed). Your article nailed it! Sugar & empty starches (bread, potatoes, pasta)…sugar is the addiction that’s killing us by the pounds! Fat does not make you fat. (I followed the low fat lifestyle for most of my adult life; the evidence is as good as margarine is for you!) If you burn sugar you can’t loose weight. There is hope…Jeanne

  2. Maureen Peniuk

    Murphy says we may need public policies designed to encourage lifestyles choices that help to keep people trim. That could mean making sure healthy foods are affordable or designing cities to incorporate exercise into daily activities.”

    A great reason to incorporate active transportation design into our cities. It will contribute to longer/healthier lives and save us health care costs. A win-win! But city design is managed at the municipal level, and health care is funded from the national level but managed at the provincial level. How do we get all these levels working together?

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