Is vaping more addictive than smoking?

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  1. Aki Nilanga Bandara

    Tobacco products in any forms are highly addictive because they contain nicotine, one of the most addictive substances used by humans. Even though we clearly know that the nicotine is addictive and poses significant challenges to smoking cessation, so, it is irrational and unethical to promote unsafe tobacco products knowingly, as harm reduction therapies to our patients. Social media’s un-evidence based powerful campaign to promote electronic cigarette is based exclusively on the distorted risk and harm perceptions. In general, sophisticated social media campaigns tend to unduly discount the risks and overstate the benefits of electronic cigarette. These distorted risk perceptions are associated with adolescents’ decisions to initiate electronic cigarette use, the decisions that they would regret in their adulthood. Further, targeted sophisticated social marketing and promotions, reinforced by the peer pressure are highly contributing to the initiation and maintenance of electronic cigarette use as well as adolescents’ transition from electronic cigarettes to other combustible tobacco products or most prevalent dual use. Above factors pose a continuing obstacle for electronic cigarette prevention and control strategies in North America. It is unfortunate that part of the academic community (including health care community) also promoting these products, despite the known serious adverse effects of these products on human health and well being. We need Health Canada’s sensible presence in electronic cigarette prevention and control efforts, including federal government regulation over electronic cigarette products, on line sales and social marketing. If government is not sincerely willing to protect our vulnerable children (or cannot fulfill that moral obligation), children themselves need to take serious initiatives to protect themselves against big tobacco. We need creative strategies to putting our children on a path to healthy and tobacco free life style and ensure that youth voices and young leaders influence the future tobacco control policies in Canada. We need strategies to enhance youth participation to find solutions for their unique life styles related problems (1).
    (1). Bandara AN. Understanding Adolescent Perception on E-Cigarette Is Vital. Am J Public Health. 2016;106(5):e13. doi: 10.2105/AJPH.2016.303116.

  2. Hasan Ghoti

    hey Paul,
    I am a student in the middle east and I would like to know if you will have additional add-ons in the future?
    I would also like to know where this was created?

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