Should we be taking first-generation H1-antihistamines, like Benadryl, off the over-the-counter shelves?

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  1. sandy

    there is no reason to take a proven medication off the market or start writing prescriptions for it……..your reasoning to do so isn’t sound. following your reasoning even aspirin should not be sold without a prescription…….people will always die of overdoses of otc meds or prescription meds…… can’t cure stupid !

    • Jennifer

      I think the article is exercising sound logic. It’s highlighting current findings about antihistamines that were once proven to be safe and effective. With more and more research, we make newer findings. This means that a medication may have been marked as effective and safe at one point in the past, but with further research, the same results no longer hold true. Taking once proven meds off the market has happened before — Zantac being an example.

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