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Rethinking health outcomes in the era of multiple concurrent chronic conditions

Health outcomes

Modern health care is very much concerned with outcomes. The language of outcomes is common  in policy development, clinical work, and research. For example, Health Quality Ontario states that the overall quality aims are: Better outcomes, better experience, better value for money. In the context of clinical care, outcomes are broadly considered to be the

Groundbreaking Canadian cohort studies aim to shed light on risk factors for cancer, chronic diseases

Groundbreaking Canadian cohort studies aim to shed light on risk factors for cancer, chronic diseases

The British Whitehall studies helped establish the importance of the social determinants of health, while a Danish study of children provided strong evidence to disprove the damaging MMR-vaccine-causes-autism hypothesis. Those are just two of many international cohort studies—studies that follow large groups of people over many years. In Canada, starting such studies has never been

Quit (smoking) while you’re ahead

Ishani Ganguli healthydebate blogger

I knew he was sick when he told me he’d thrown out his cigarettes on account of how badly he felt. Mr. P had gotten used to the breathlessness when he climbed stairs and the hacking, dry cough that followed him everywhere. What else could he expect after smoking three packs a day since he

Why nurses are the way of the future

Why nurses are the way of the future

Our health care system is based on an on-demand model of physicians and hospitals providing acute and episodic care. While this system works well for the vast majority of citizens, it is a poor match for many of those with chronic diseases. As a nurse and an academic, my particular interest is examining how health

Inter professional education 2.0: training chronic disease management professionals online

Interprofessional Chronic Disease Management

The economic costs associated with chronic diseases are significant, particularly in an era of reduced public funding and greater government accountability.  I would argue that inter-professional education (IPE) is going to emerge as a key component in the successful management and prevention of chronic diseases.  Yet true inter-professional education requires a radical rethinking of the

Frequent flyers: aeroplan and health care

Will Falk blogger

This year I did not achieve Elite status on Air Canada/Aeroplan.  For the first time in a decade, I am without status on a major airline.  No number to call, no priority service, no lounge.  I will probably have to wait in line.  As you probably know, Aeroplan has Prestige, Elite, and Super Elite levels