complementary medicine

Should pharmacies sell natural health products?

Suffering from migraines, back pain, acne, diarrhea or constipation? Rexall pharmacies have a product that might help, but it’s not medication or an over-the-counter fix. Rather, it’s an IgG test called Hemocode that looks for 250 food intolerances – and costs $450. The test, which is done off-site, returns results that the pharmacist shares with

Integrative cancer care in Canada: curiosity and cautions

Joanne MacPhail was diagnosed with breast cancer  in 1993 at the age of forty three. At that time, her treatment included two surgeries, as well as a lengthy course of chemotherapy that had profound physical and emotional side effects. MacPhail details how she sought out reflexology, therapeutic touch and massage therapies to help her cope with side

Complementary & alternative medicine in practice and policy

Complementary and alternative medicine is a billion dollar business in Canada.  Complementary and alternative medicine is rooted in different philosophies and standards of evidence than mainstream medicine.  Many patients use both systems of medicine.  Complementary and alternative medicine is defined as any medical system, product or practice that is not thought of as a standard