Ontario’s new diabetes registry – the end of patient privacy?

Shelagh McRae www.healthydebate.ca blogger

More and more doctors across Canada are using electronic medical records to keep track of their patients’ health information.  Finding a patient’s information record in most electronic medical databases involves entering the first few letters of each name, hitting <Enter> and choosing the appropriate person from the resulting drop-down list. Recently while looking up one

The trouble with guidelines

Shelagh McRae www.healthydebate.ca blogger

A friend of mine took her 98 year old, 98 lb mother to the doctor recently. Additional diabetic medication was prescribed because her A1c (also known as glycated hemoglobin -a proxy measure of average blood sugar levels over the previous months) was “not at target”. When my friend questioned the safety of yet more pills

Reducing ‘unnecessary’ blood glucose test strip use

Diabetes test strips

Blood glucose test strips are the third most expensive cost for the Ontario Public Drug Program. A study released in 2009 suggests that the Ontario government is unnecessarily spending between $19 and $42 million per year on glucose test strips. However, no changes have yet been made to reduce the use of blood glucose test