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When it’s a zebra: Does Canada need a rare disease strategy?

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Ian Stedman always wore long sleeves and pants to hide his rash. As a child, he didn’t go swimming with other kids. He’d miss a few days of school each month because of severe joint pain and headaches. He spent his childhood and early adult life “bouncing around from doctor to doctor.” No one knew

The Trans-Pacific Partnership threatens the health of Canadians

Canadian media coverage of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement has almost exclusively focused on the effects the deal would have on the economy, especially the dairy industry and auto sector. The implications for health and health care have hardly received any media attention in Canada. We feel this is a grave oversight. After all, the

Are we training too many doctors, or too few? Why no one really knows

Across Canada, governments, medical schools and health providing organizations continue to struggle with one of the most difficult questions in health care: How many doctors in each area of medicine do we train today to meet tomorrow’s health care needs? In Ontario, concern of an oversupply of doctors in some specialties led the government to