Complacency about road safety hiding a public health crisis

“96 vehicles involved in collision after ‘wall of snow’ hits Highway 400” “Highway 17 Crash Leaves Five Men Dead” “Huge multi-vehicle pile-up injures 100 people near Edmonton.” Every winter, we’re snowed under by headlines like these, on stories of car crashes that seem as inevitable as the season. But it’s not just Old Man Winter

Stubbornly high rates of health care worker injury

Ann Smith starting working as a bedside nurse on an Edmonton general medical unit  in 2012, three years after graduating with her nursing degree. She was working a night shift when she entered the room of an elderly patient who had called for help to get to the washroom. The patient had very limited use

Accessing trauma care in Ontario

Every year nearly 5,000 Ontarians are injured through trauma and require specialized trauma care, which has been proven to save lives. Many Ontarians think that they can access specialized trauma care at their local emergency department. This is not true.  Timely access to specialized trauma care does not always occur in Ontario.  Melanie Carter was