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Caring for international patients improves care for Canadians

Marnie Escaf & Nizar Mahome

For the other side of the debate, read Monika Dutt’s Medical tourism is bad business for Canadian hospitals In recent weeks a few people have written about international patients in Canadian hospitals, “medical tourism” and the “slippery slope” that the writers all seem to believe will inevitably lead to two-tiered medicine.  We are responsible for the

Medical tourism is bad business for Canadian hospitals

Monika Dutt blogger

For the other side of this debate, see Marnie Escaff & Nizar Mahomed’s Caring for international patients improves care for Canadians Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto has recently been in the news for its new method of revenue generation: offering care to wealthy foreign patients – aka “medical tourists” – who are able to pay out-of-pocket for

Medical tourism – it’s already happening in places near and far

When Canadians travel abroad for private medical care they are engaging in what is known as medical tourism.  Medical tourism is a global, multi-billion dollar industry.  Patients from all regions of the world are traveling to a growing list of countries as medical tourists.  Our research group studies medical tourism, with a particular focus on

Medical tourism – coming to a place near you?

Andreas Laupacis healthydebate editor

Sometimes I smugly think that I know a reasonable amount about health care in Canada and elsewhere. Well, it is always good to have one’s smug illusions shattered every once in a while. When in Europe recently, I was at a presentation by the Turkish government about their focus on “medical tourism” – attracting residents