Mending a Broken Heart: Genetics & Lifestyle in Coronary Disease and Anticoagulation in Afib & Recent PCI

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Here at The Rounds Table we aren’t quite over Valentine’s Day; it’s cardiac week! Kieran and Paxton take listeners through two exciting studies on the influence of genetic and lifestyle factors in coronary disease and “Triple Therapy” in patients with atrial fibrillation and recent percutaneous coronary intervention.

It’s easy to feel helpless as a physician in the face of genetic determinants of disease. Paxton takes listeners through a study that examines genetics and lifestyle as independent variables associated with cardiovascular risk. We now have evidence to answer the question: is counselling patients on the benefits of healthy lifestyle important regardless of genetic risk?

Next, Kieran leads the discussion of a randomized controlled trial on three different strategies for anti-coagulation and antiplatelet therapy in patients with co-existing atrial fibrillation and recent percutaneous coronary intervention. The goal of the study was to minimize bleeding in this patient population. Does conventional treatment that includes vitamin K antagonists plus dual anti-platelet therapy need an update? Listen to find out!

Lastly, the Good Stuff segment. Paxton talks about the real potential to wirelessly hack pacemakers! Then, Kieran ends the show with a lighthearted discussion on Pokemon Go.

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The Papers

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1. Hacking Pacemakers:

2. “Pokemon Go… really….I mean get up and go!”:

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