Surprise! We’re back…and talking all things cardiovascular…


Rounds Table Listeners, we’ve got some good news for you… the Rounds Table is back!

John and I have decided to pick up where Kieran and his excellent team left off; to continue to bring you regular podcasts on the latest and greatest internal medicine research. This reboot wouldn’t be possible without the continued support of Healthy Debate; thank you!

For our first episode of the reboot, we’re talking all things cardiovascular.

Classic Rapid Fire format…4 papers…here we go!

  1. Is there a safe way to manage direct oral anticoagulants for patients undergoing surgical procedures? (


  1. What is the relationship between white coat hypertension and cardiovascular events? (


  1. What is the association between thrombectomy for acute stroke and length of stay? (


  1. Can machine learning identify patients with atrial fibrillation from a normal ECG? (


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