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by Yona Lunsky Robert Balogh

Developmental disabilities, mental health issues often overlap

by Kieran Quinn Lauren Lacroix Emily Hughes Sheliza Halani

Emergent Realizations: Contrast-Induced Nephropathy & Opioid Prescribing Patterns

by Karen Palmer Michael Nolan Jeremy Petch

Preparing for Pot: Unanswered questions remain around legalizing marijuana

by Vanessa Milne Joshua Tepper Mike Tierney

5 ways the health system can curb the opioid epidemic

by Wendy Glauser Jeremy Petch Mike Tierney

Hospital policies put the lives of people who inject drugs at risk, say experts

by Wendy Glauser Joshua Tepper Jeremy Petch

Alcohol and pregnancy: Is it safe to have a little?

by Ahmed Bayoumi Wiplove Lamba

Rob Ford and missed opportunities for a public discussion on drug use

by Chelsea Ruth

To prevent FASD, empower women

by Doug Ironside

Ontario must rethink alcohol sales

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