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by Nadine Belzile

Stillbirth in Canada: A Call to Action

In Canada, stillbirth is a public health issue that is neglected by public policy—despite there being more than 3,000 stillbirths in Canada every year. It's time the government acted.

by Anita Srivastava

Cannabis edibles pose serious risks to our kids

by Chris Deacon

Isolation heightening teens’ image anxieties

COVID-19 restrictions have upended the usually busy social lives of teenagers and for those who suffer from Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD), this isolation has led to heightened anxieties.

by Rubeeta Gill

One more worry for parents – dermatitis

by Nilanga Aki Bandara Thamindu Widyaratne Namal Wijesinghe Taye Negussie Vahid Mehrnoush

Smoking and hospitalization: A COVID-19 double whammy

by Michael Fralick John Fralick Peter Jüni

Episode 16 – Kids and COVID-19

by Nichole Parker

Online learning evolving to meet COVID challenge

by Francis Vergunst Nicholas Chadi

Preventing a COVID-19 youth mental health crisis

by Katherine Monahan

Getting your kids outdoors during COVID-19

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