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by Bryony Lau

Pandemic’s hidden heroes: Indentured labourers churning out our PPE supplies

Shibli is one of tens of thousands of migrant workers who have gone into debt to secure jobs in glove factories. This practice, debt bondage, is widespread among glove companies in Malaysia and is a form of forced labour.

by Jackie Brown

The dangers of financialized long-term care

Financialized homes had a death toll of 6.2 per cent. In contrast, non-profit homes had a mortality rate of 3.1 per cent while municipal homes did best at 1.1 per cent.

by Joey Taylor Talia Ignacy

It’s time to get moving, Canada

Canada recently allocated $100 billion over 3 years to kickstarting the economy - but it is not investing in promoting exercise, which can improve our health, healthcare system and the economy.

by Mollie Sivaram Katie Dorman Melinda Glassford

Fighting food insecurity during and after a pandemic

by Maisoon D. Yousif Oluwatobi (Tobi) Olaiya Farhan Mahmood

COVID-19 amplifies economic barriers to medical school admissions

by Colin Sue-Chue-Lam

Transit in crisis: A call for bold action

by Sophia Ikura Jasmine Pawa

Listening to communities is essential as we move forward

by Colin Sue-Chue-Lam Victoria Haldane Anna Cooper Reed Danielle Toccalino

Now is the time for hospitals to divest from fossil fuels

by Kieran Quinn Laura Walker

Dollar Dreams: Bedspacing, Mortality, and Epic Healthcare Costs

by Arne Rückert Ronald Labonté

The Trans-Pacific Partnership threatens the health of Canadians

by Laura Rosella Andrew Pinto Jeremy Petch

What’s really driving high-cost use of health care

by Sidak Kaur Maureen Taylor Terrence Sullivan Jeremy Petch

Slowing growth in health care spending: temporary blip or permanent gain?

by Vanessa Milne Terrence Sullivan

Controversy over closing rural hospitals

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