Long-Term Care

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by Joshua Tepper

We Can’t Go Back

by Pat Armstrong Sharon Straus

What’s missing from discussions on nursing homes

by Dafna Izenberg Ryan Hinds Joshua Tepper

Where should Ontario’s 30,000 new long-term beds go?

by Wilson Kwong Francine Buchanan Christine Miskonoodinkwe Smith

Why do people have to wait 12 years for an ethnic nursing home?

by Wendy Glauser Maureen Taylor Debra Bournes

Why do so many nursing home residents end up in emergency departments?

by Wendy Glauser Joshua Tepper Jeremy Petch

Empowering the elderly in Japan: lessons for home care in Canada

by Verna Yiu Mike Tierney Jeremy Petch Arij Elmi

Improving appropriateness of antipsychotic use in long-term care

by Verena Menec

Why we need to rethink the nursing home model

by Trafford Crump Erik Hellsten

Alberta’s innovative approach to paying for long-term care

by Jeremy Petch Mike Tierney Greta Cummings

Improving quality in Canada’s nursing homes requires “more staff, more training”

by Jeremy Petch Andreas Laupacis

Supporting Ontario’s unpaid caregivers

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