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by Kieran Quinn Michael Fralick James Downar Emily Hughes Sheliza Halani

Calling Home: Accuracy of The Surprise Question, Medical Assistance in Dying, and SGLT2 Inhibitors & DKA

by Vanessa Milne Christopher Doig Maureen Taylor

Combining organ donation and medical assistance in death: considering the ethical questions

by Michel Bilodeau

Governments shouldn’t force faith-based hospitals to perform medical assistance in dying

The government of Ontario’s decision to protect faith-based institutions makes a lot of sense. It is now up to government to ensure that all those in need have access to medically assisted death.

by Jocelyn Downie

Ontario’s faith-based exemptions allow and mask barriers to medical assistance in dying

The Ontario government is demonstrating it will privilege the interests of faith-based healthcare institutions at the expense of patients who, by definition, are experiencing enduring and intolerable suffering.

by Vanessa Milne Debra Bournes Jeremy Petch

What are the emotional consequences of performing assisted death?

Now that MAiD has been implemented, more attention is being paid to the emotional impact it will have on healthcare professionals who perform it. Based on the evidence from other jurisdictions, it can have profound effect.

by Wendy Glauser Michael Nolan Jeremy Petch

Should people with mental health disorders have access to physician-assisted death?

Should someone with depression be assisted in ending their life? It’s a question that many in health care are currently wrestling with. And it’s not a hypothetical one.

by Vanessa Milne Terrence Sullivan

Medical assistance in dying: should it be legal or banned in Canada?

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