Medical Education

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by Sharon Bal Rimpy Cheema Nisha Arora

Let’s listen to patients’ hearts, even if we don’t have to

by Zeeshan Ansari Chika Oriuwa Dafna Izenberg Kate Peiyin Zhang

What are medical schools doing to admit more poor students?

by Everett Claridge

Why medical school should be funnier

by Dafna Izenberg Joshua Tepper

How FOAM is revolutionizing medical education

by Dafna Izenberg Seema Marwaha Joshua Tepper

Medical students who don’t match through CaRMS: “It’s like a scarlet letter”

by Dafna Izenberg Maureen Taylor

Who are Ontario’s personal support workers?

by Vanessa Milne Francine Buchanan

Why Canada needs more genetic counsellors

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