Palliative Care

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by Darren Cargill

Australia offers lesson in palliative care

by Christina Sinding

Last rights: Connecting the space between palliative care and MAiD

For my Mom, palliative care and MAiD unfolded gracefully together. My family’s experience is one among many that might prompt Canada’s palliative care organizations to reconsider their relationship to MAiD

by Jennifer Im Leah Steinberg

Why Canadians deserve better, earlier palliative care

by Kieran Quinn Chris Yarnell Lindsay Melvin Emily Hughes Sheliza Halani

To Treat or Not To Treat? Immigrant Status and End-of-Life & Delirium Treatment in Palliative Care

by Kieran Quinn Michael Fralick James Downar Emily Hughes Sheliza Halani

Summer Replay: Calling Home – Accuracy of The Surprise Question, Medical Assistance in Dying, and SGLT2 Inhibitors & DKA

by Paul Adams

Palliative care can’t wait: what I wish I’d known as my wife was dying

In the four years I accompanied my wife Suzanne as she endured the diagnoses and treatment for breast cancer, the most shocking moment came just five days before she died.

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