Aging caregivers of children with disabilities “pushed to the breaking point”

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  1. Sue Hutton

    Yona Lunsky speaks truth to the situation. The crisis is at the breaking point far too often for far too many families. We need to be upstream. Thank you Yona – you do endless work to help show the world how the system needs to improve how we help families.

  2. Paulette Husfeldt

    Agreed!!! I have been the primary caregiver fir my son who has Downs Sydrome and numerous health issues. As I age and being a single parent for most of his adult life, I worry about what will happen to him if I cannot continue to care for him. I have done some financial planning for him and hopefully his siblings will continue to advocate for him but I am unsure of what his living arrangement will be. It is definitely a worry!

  3. Jane Riviere

    Our daughter is 28yrs old next month and receives $2000 or year for passport funding the same amount she was approved for ten years ago while she was still in highschool. On wait list with DSO for housing….literally waiting for someone to die.
    How is this serving the needs of individuals and their families?

  4. Fran Stewart

    We have a son Kyle who is 26 yrs old. I have just retired but he lives at home and has a part time job. He receives around 950$ a month. He is quite high functioning but has health issues, seizure disorder – needs medication, help with finances, help with meals. He battles depression and anxiety very much so. We have had a few supports thru high school for about 1 to 2 hours a week. Rec;d about 800$ a year for respite. We are on the list for passport funding but as we have been told we will probably never receive it. He is not severe enough even though if we are not here he does not know how to take care of his health needs or his finances . He does not want to end up in a group home or hospital. He has a brother in Alberta but may not be able to care of him. He would Ike to stay in the community he has grown up in. There needs to be more housing in our area of Hilton at the moment there is none. And why on we being told he will not receive funding> . I know so many other families in our area who are also in the same predicament. He cannot live on 950$ a month. Not possible and what about his health(depression, seizures etc.). quite frustrated at the system but I am working with parents in my area and a coordinator to build alternative housing with supports in place.

  5. Margot Kitchener

    My daughter is also on waiting list for housing through DSO. it is very frustrating. She wants to move out and get on with her life. but the wait goes on.

  6. Shirlene Alveranga

    I am a single parent. I have been caring for my son who is nonverbal and legally blind (developmentally around age 3) for 35 years. I also raised 2 other children & moved to another country to support them(only option at the time). We have recently been offered a group home bed in our community and I feel very blessed by this; I sincerely mean a lot of heartfelt prayer went into this happening, when no one was responsive. I have waited 2 years for Passport funding and feel we could have continued at home if we had been given the dollars to give him opportunities outside the home & respite for me. As it was, I hit bottom with fatigue & depression & had to admit that in order to get help. Parents keep telling themselves they can do it when no one else will until something caves. The governmental agencies(DSO) are so removed from personal contact and unresponsive that parents are left only to support each other as best they can, which also takes needed energy. Add to that, the worry about what will become of your child as you get older (over 65) and develop chronic illnesses and it becomes a heavy burden. Developmentally disabled adults are not being supported financially to the extent they should be by our government (provincial) and as a result a crisis is building for which there is little advocacy. The only agency I can commend for filling the gap are local, VON and to our relief Community Living. I would also like to commend our local MPP & his office for their efforts to advocate.

  7. Chuck Jolliffe

    In general, through no fault of your own, you are required to take care of a disabled individual- often your child- in perpetuity. If it’s a child, it is as if you are required to pay in perpetuity for trying to renew society, but failed. The social agreement between society and it’s citizens needs to be clarified.
    Many disabilities are completely random, and as such, it should be possible to buy insurance: none are offered. Political?

  8. Heather

    We have been on the crisis end of this discussion. My 34 year old developmentally delayed son was in a group home for 10 years. We have had problems from the beginning. Some people who work with the mentally challenged are amazing people but many are not. They don’t give people space, they push the wrong buttons, they set your child up for failure. Final result for us is my son ended up in a mental health locked unit. Spent five hours waiting within that unit told he would have to spend at least one night. Thank God the busy psychologist finally talked with us and we were on our way within ten minutes. Even he realized it was his environment and he hardly knew us. It sure opened my eyes to what can happen if the developmentally delayed person doesn’t have someone who can advocate for them. So very very sad. Group home says if they have problems with him again they will call the parents second. I want to be first because I love him, at the end of the day he is just a job to them. The group home and our family are still in conflict. He is home with us and doing wonderfully.

  9. Cindy Bruce

    I am a disabled 51year old female. My housing through BCHousing after 17 years, did not allow me to stay because it was a 3 bedroom and only 1 child and myself were there, causing us to be overhoused. I moved in winter from Ft. St. John and have been in a travel trailer with my belongings under a tarp 1000 miles south. I do not know anyone, but my mom who brought me here. I had a complete breakdown, with Lupus, and could not even speak. 9 months later I am on medication for ADHD now, and have no home. I am scared, have thought of suicide, and no hope. Cindy

    • Cindy

      I do work p/t as a teacher assistant, but $950 a month is not enough to live on.

    • Maria Moores

      Please don’t take your own life! If you’re fealing at all suicidal, talk to your doctor. If you don’t have a doctor, please go to the ER as at least you will have some shelter, and there may be a social worker on call who can help you out with your living situation. Prayers and gentle hugs! Maria

    • Christian

      Cindy – I’ve had my battles with depression, too.

      When you lose all hope, you can turn to Jesus Christ. We have not been given anything mire than we can bear, when we put our faith in Him and gather our strength and courage from Him.

      It can be difficult to see, but however difficult your challenges may be, if you look at them closely, you’ll find greater opportunities within them.

      God bless.

  10. Jeannie

    Our daughter is 20 with Rett syndrome I care for her 24/7 with the help of my disabled husband and her brother and sister. She can not dress,wash,feed,or care for herself. At risk of wandering off if left unattended at any moment. Does not sleep hardly,has behavior issues ,anxiety, PTSD from caregivers during age 4-6 after that we kept her home. I have been unpaid caregiver which is cruel….disabled husband and daughter is enough and yet poverty is the straw on our back. There’s no savings or respite….

    • Vanessa Milne

      I’m so sorry to hear that. We definitely need more supports for parents like you.

  11. Josephine safar

    Hi i am single mom my self i have 47 years old i have 24 years old daughter with disability, i been taking care of her all my life i cant work because i am the only care giver to her i am on social assistant i was wondering if their is family care giver benefit, that help me with some financial, because i need some help i cant work because of this reason my financial life is very low ,please let me know if you know any government agency that i could apply .thank you so much.

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