Everyone agrees: Pulmonary rehab helps people who have COPD. So why do so few access it?

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  1. Sachin Pendharkar

    Thank you for drawing attention to this issue. The lack of pulmonary rehab resources, despite excellent supporting evidence, is a critical gap for a large number of patients. One challenge is that many patients require ongoing rehabilitation to sustain benefit, or need to attend more than once – this increases the demand for the services and highlights the problem further.

    • Jeanette Gibson

      Good Morning!
      This is exactly what I am looking for! I live in Winnipeg, MB, and I am wondering is,any such program exists here in my city. I was diagnosed with non-smoker COPD eight yrs ago. Thanking you sincerely, Jeanette Gibson

  2. sam plover

    One thing that should be encouraged is social interaction among people with COPD. People with COPD need others who understand and live with the disease. I was denied rehab, based on my FV1 and every pulmunologist worth his salt knows that the FV1 is for diagnosis and symptoms nor life expectancy correlate with an FV1. No two COPD patients are the same.
    I finally after a push from my GP was ‘allowed’ to do rehab, but the program is such that it only allows patients to enter again 2 years later. The second time I was refused again.
    It is imperative for people who “do not feel up to it”, to have a community of support to urge them on and many people with an illness just cannot make themselves take care of themselves at home alone. Some provinces or states have a Better Breathers, where like-bodied people can get together. I think it would be very helpful to have ongoing COPD rehabs and have patients pay a fee after their provincial freeby. In this way, COPD patients can build a social community which could develop into mutual friendships. Friendships and support is healing physically and mentally. And a lot more understanding than cold physicians offices.
    Being breathless all the time is isolating in itself, who feels like walking or talking when you are so breathless.
    No two people with copd are the same and it is time the health industry starts treating each person with COPD with respect no matter how they became with COPD.
    Everyone deserves the same healthcare, whether you became ill through an addiction or through no fault of your own.
    I think taxes are added to the addiction products, to pay for healthcare later in the patients life….kind of ironic, the government chooses to supply addiction causing agents, then taxes it highly, but the tax payer addicts are some of the most poorly treated individuals in healthcare.
    Another thing I have to remind everyone employed in the sickness industry, is that, if not for illness, there would be an awful lot of people without jobs.

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