• May 2015

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    • Gord winkel

      Our casual attitude towards risk is taking a grim toll

      On the average commute home from work, it’s easy to observe people regularly carry out any number of “at-risk” behaviors on the roads: not following traffic signals, texting while driving, or driving at excessive speeds. When it comes to driving, it seems Canadians have a […]

    • Maureen Taylor

      Culture of bullying: what can medicine learn from the Ghomeshi report?

      When people learn that I pivoted from broadcast journalism to health care, they are rightly surprised: the two fields don’t seem to have a lot in common. But in my experience, they share at least this:  both occasionally celebrate a culture of blame, celebrity and […]

    • Kieran Quinn healthydebate.ca blogger

      Best part of being a doctor? The stories

      The best thing about being a doctor and practicing Medicine are the stories – the patient’s stories. Each day, I get to hear someone’s life story, to share in their life’s successes, their failures, and the meaning they derive from their experiences. I have heard […]

    • Yan Xu healthy debate blogger

      Modernizing scopes of practice to improve the value of physician services

      In 1987, a high-profile and unpopular doctors’ strike over reimbursement shook the profession, leading to the creation of CanMEDS roles framework studied by every Canadian medical student. 18 years later, income is again the focal point in the latest negotiations between the Ontario Medical Association […]