• February 2015

    • The dawn of the smartphone doctor

      Five years ago, President Obama began the largest regulatory overhaul of US healthcare since Nixon, expanding coverage and radically redefining how coverage is purchased. In his 2015 State of the Union, Obama delivered a different kind of disruption, announcing the creation of a Precision Medicine […]

    • Generic drugs: Canada needs more competition

      Pharmaceutical innovations are the ultimate public good. They are ideas that make it possible for society to address otherwise unmet health care needs. As ideas, however, they are also hard to find and easy to copy. As such, fostering valued, pharmaceutical innovation is a policy […]

    • More is better when it comes to hospital staff satisfaction surveys

      Staff satisfaction surveys are a vital tool when trying to improve employee engagement.  The connection between workplace health and quality patient outcomes is well documented. Yet, according to National Research Corporation Canada (NRCC), only two Ontario hospitals using their tool survey more frequently than once […]

    • Ritika Goel Healthydebate.ca blogger

      Is activity-based funding for hospitals really a good idea?

      What do you first think of when you learn that a loved one has been hospitalized? Most of us worry about our loved one getting the best treatment, having appropriate follow-up care and being sent home when they are well. As the person’s family doctor, […]

    • Aled Edwards

      How do we deliver on the promise of personalized medicine?

      In his State of the Union address, Barack Obama announced the intent to invest in personalized or “precision” medicine – the tailoring of treatments to an individual’s genetic code.  Canadian funding agencies have also enthusiastically supported this idea, and all University of Toronto-affiliated hospitals promote […]

    • Steven Barret Healthy Debate Blogger

      Does unilateral government action threaten the future of medicare?

      Three years ago, I commented on the then new (2012) OMA and Government agreement. I expressed scepticism at the time that the Agreement would truly result in the freeze (and indeed savings) the Government asserted that it would, especially without a hard or soft cap […]

    • Mary Hogan

      Should doctors be charging disadvantaged patients for sick notes?

      Can’t you do something, Judge? This was the question I was asked in Drug Treatment Court last week. Unfortunately, my answer was “I tried. But I can’t seem to get these doctors to change!” The issue was doctors charging their patients for one line notes […]

  • January 2015